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Phuket Food Guide: 8 must eat foods in Phuket

When it comes to food, from the very moment you take you airport transfer in Phuket, you will notice how the true variety of Thai cuisine can be found in every side street and on every corner. Sweet and sour, hot or cold, pork, prawns or just vegetables alone; the choice is simply staggering and there is no end to the number of fine dishes waiting to be experienced.

That being said, some food in Phuket stands out for a reason and to help you find the best dishes to try in Phuket, here are 8 must eat foods in Phuket:

1. Dim Sum

It may seem odd to have what is a traditional Chinese meal on this list but the thing is, there is an incredible variety of Chinese food in Phuket. Mostly with a fusion or twist of some kind, examples of this are everywhere and no more obvious than with Dim Sum. Served in a few different ways, it can be useful to ask which type is the most common before you order but a popular choice are those which are folded over many times. Inside you will find a range of fillings, from pork and prawns, to shrimp and other small vegetables. Smooth in texture and overflowing with flavour, Dim Sum is a great option when it comes to trying new food in Phuket.

2.Tom yam soup

Infused with crushed chillies, lemongrass, fish sauce and lime juice, although you can find similar versions of it throughout Malaysia, Tom yum soup is arguably the most popular soup anywhere in Thailand. Like a delectable melting pot, the rich flavours of Tom yam are obvious from the scent alone and for the sake of variety, you also have an option to add either chicken, beef, pork or seafood with coconut milk (usually prawns) to the mix. Tom yam simply translates to “Boiled spicy salad” and while it may not seem like your average salad, the spicy essence of this local favourite makes it an absolute must-try when you visit Phuket.

It must be remembered that depending on the meat which is added after the broth is made, the name of Tom yam will change slightly to reflect this new addition, for example; Tom yam kai is Tom yam with chicken.

3. Pad Thai

Strictly speaking, Pad Thai is a stir fry dish and the most common dish you will find in any eatery. In fact, when tourists in particular arrive in Thailand, this is usually the dish which is most commonly requested.

Aside from whether you choose a chicken, pork, seafood or vegetarian option, little changes in terms of the ingredients. Rice noodles mixed with chilli, tofu and a number of vegetables; Pad Thai is a delicious meal and it is very easy to see why it is so popular. That being said, the quality and taste of this particular dish can vary a huge degree from one restaurant to another. Yes, it can be a scintillating experience but if not, it’s usually a good idea to try it somewhere else before making up your mind.

4. Kanom Jeen Curry Noodles

Often thought of as the Thai version of a Spaghetti Bolognese, essentially Khanom Jeen is a delicious coconut curry served with vermicelli noodles. Consisting of some thin rice noodles with a selection of raw vegetables at the heart and then a variety of curries on top, it’s a food in Phuket that is most often eaten for breakfast or lunch. The broth is made by allowing the pork/beef to simmer in a specially crafted paste before adding bean sprouts, lime juice, chilies and some chopped cabbage. Mixed herbs, anchovies and boiled eggs will often make up the remainder of ingredients in this very traditional treat and the result is undoubtedly one of Thailand’s most popular meals.

5. Phat Khaprao

Another popular choice with first time visitors, this was considered merely “street food” once upon a time but today you will find it in almost every Thai restaurant. Served with either chicken or pork, Phat Khaprao resembles a Mexican chilli in appearance but without so much heat. That said, it is generally a spicy meal and the heat will obviously depend on how much chilli is requested.

Garlic and basil leaves will find themselves adding character to this simple dish but with rice and a friend egg on the side, there are more than enough flavours to please those taste buds. Considered a single dish meal in Thailand, this one is quick and easy but the complexity of the outcome never fails to disappoint.

6. Kai Jeow

Consisting of coriander, pepper, spring onion and fish sauce, Kai Jeow may seem like just another omelette but this is far from the case. Bursting with flavour and a delightful helping of set chili sauce, Kai Jeow is possibly the most flavoursome omelette on the planet and an unforgettable local meal in Thailand which is served with a bed of rice.

In fact, it is sometimes the seemingly strange combination of these flavours which will initially put many visitors off trying this meal when the visit Phuket but with an open mind, you can be certain this opinion will quickly change. You can eat this at any time of day, it makes a light lunch but is most commonly eaten for breakfast.

7. Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai

It would be a shame to make a list about food in Phuket without mentioning a green curry and Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai would be the best example why. Famous worldwide, this green curry is essentially a chicken curry with a unique feature having been cooked with two types of eggplant. Why is this so important? Well, it is well known that eggplant helps to lower cholesterol but at the same time, the flavours which come from this curry are made even more irresistible as a result of their inclusion.

Highly popular on both the island and mainland, Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai is a green curry you most certainly need to place on your “to do” list.

8. Khao Man Gai

For what it may lack when it comes to appearing as an enticing dish, Kha Man Gai makes up for it with a very powerful flavour. Soya sauce, chili and ginger form the base of the broth in this case but when you add this to some freshly steamed rice and a helping of chicken, you are left with a meal that tastes so much more delightful than it could ever sound through words alone.

One of the most memorable chicken and rice dishes you can find in Thailand, if you enjoy local foods then a taste of Khao Man Gai for the first time will leave you satisfied and more.

If you wish for a safe and reliable airport transfer in Phuket, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can help take all of the hassle out of your arrival.