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Phuket Food Guide: 8 must eat foods in Phuket

When it comes to food, from the very moment you take you airport transfer in Phuket, you will notice how the true variety of Thai cuisine can be found in every side street and on every corner. Sweet and sour, hot or cold, pork, prawns or just vegetables alone; the choice is simply staggering and there is no end to the number of fine dishes waiting to be experienced. That being said, some food in Phuket stands out for a reason and to help you find the best dishes to try in Phuket, here are 8 must eat foods in Phuket

Phuket Food Guide: 12 Best seafood restaurants in Phuket

If you happen to be travelling in search of unforgettable local experiences in Thailand, Phuket seafood is a genuine highlight you will not want to miss. From spicy rice and fried fish to crab curry and fresh salads, a Phuket tour will often take in one of the following restaurants but either way, you must absolutely check them out when you get there.